Bleach Live Action Movie Review: For Realz?


Admit it …

We all were scared for bleach to be a live action movie

Yet again… It kind of worked out! With few problems here and there

So let’s begin exploring it:

And no spoilers alert cuz we all know and watched the anime  -_-

Ichigo: I’m very surprised by him, the actor was spot on and so was his acting

Rukia: at first I didn’t like her cuz Rukia is my all time fav female character, but as the movie goes on…she grew on me

Renji: WTFFFF, the moves were ok…the actor did a lot of weird faces that Renji would never do…srsly WTFFF, but he was not all bad

Ichigo friends: meh…they didn’t do much so I can’t say much


Now, the anime character is a cold blooded bastard that have no facial expressions whatsoever

Yet dear Miyavi did his touches on this character and it was annoying

At the end it turns out that the whole movie is just the first 10 episodes from the first season

The movie was watchable and they did not wreck it so I give it  6.5/10.


Violet Evergarden Anime Review: Ever Crying


Let me start by saying, this is an astonishing anime, but, I won’t recommend it even to the people I hate or my enemy’s

Don`t get me wrong now, hear me out >.>

You don’t get to see an anime like this one often, this anime happens every blue moon, just like the movie a silent voice or a studio ghibli movie

Violet evergarden was aired in the beginning of 2018 and I didn`t know about it till now from a friend, and I’m so happy that this kind of masterpiece didn’t go by without me noticing it

How sad it is you may ask?

It`s so sad it will not shatter your soul…no… it will shatter what`s beyond your soul, depressing in every way possible, the main story, the side stories…every bit of it is heart breaking

How can a color make your heart ache?

How can the happy “I love you” make you so sad?

And what really annoyed me the most is knowing that a character is dead or going to die but they don’t make it clear for you, they make you hope every second and watch without blinking just to make sure that you placed your hope in the right place…and then ..with a heartbeat…all gone…

I had to drink so much water just to retrieve the same amount of water that was taken from me by crying…and I drank a LOT!
it felt like I lost someone and I couldn’t do anything about it…just cry it off

That’s why I will not recommend it to anyone…its pitch black sad, I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through

And if the anime didn`t make you cry you brains out…the music will

All the music and lyrics were devastating , can’t listen to it without crying again

This anime gets 10/10 the best in 2018…beside banana fish.

Fullmetal alchemist live action movie review: hop on the feel train.

Waiting for this movie felt like waiting for a miracle to happen

The teasers were ok,I was impressed I admit

But I was hellaaaa scared for them cuz ..let’s not forget AOT live action



I mustered the courage to watch FMA…alone…take it from me: don`t watch these kind of movies ALONE!!! U will need someone to hug u and wipe your tears
as expected from the Japanese live action they will try to add new things..and so they did

Watching this face from the very beginning was a direct shot to the kokoro

edward elric liveaction

The cast was amazing but I have a small problem with Winry  ,she suppose to be blond with blue eyes and  Tsubasa Honda was not even close -_-

I struggled ,trying to except  Ryosuke Yamada as Ed (Ed is my crush), and in the end I found him very fitting for the role..Good job dude!

Stretching the dialog in some scenes was so unnecessary and they kept doing it until the movie was 2 hours freaking LONG!!

Bringing those 2 back certainly didn’t help , I was choking T^T

Maes Hughes-horz and nina

How could u do that

They did this in the manga, the 1st anime adaptation, the 2nd anime adaptation and now the movie


In the end I highly recommend this movie and we will see another part hopefully soon, I give it 8/10 enjoy~~~~~.


Save me : drama review…The Korean ISIS??

This drama have to have so many alternative names such as:

The Korean ISIS

Dads suck

Stranger things…the Korean version

IT ..the Korean version…u get it now lol

This drama drained me emotionally to the very core, it made me hate religions from any kind and made me hate the bad side in the drama which I rarely do cuz I like them most of the time

But man oh man the bad guys in this one take the prize

They are beyond creepy…I mean look and listen to THIS guy


And every time they say: our wishes will be fulfilled, I believed…UGHHHH it gives me the shiverssssssss

I will talk shortly about this one cuz I don`t wanna remember every detail I really don`t


The cast ,the acting both are amazing but the story have lots of flaws which is a normal thing cuz it`s a Korean drama…nothing makes sense most of the time

Most parts were heart aching and just…sad!!!

Specially ep 3 and I think ep 15 when this happened


Now let’s talk about the most important person in the whole drama….Dong cheolaaaaa ❤

This dude`s name is Woo do hwan

He and his moles stole my heart from the first second I swear

The bromance moments btw him and Han Sang-Hwan swept me awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


I mean srsly KISS ALEARDY!!!

Except this moment when I wanted to kiss him and I wanted him to hug her…this moment needed a hug


In the end the story was legit scary and just the thought of being in that kind of world is a nightmare

Every episode will begin by telling you that this drama..people..story all are fictional which I disagree with ..the kinds of these asshole do exist sadly.

I give it 6/10 and all the marks go to Dong cheol hehe. It was watchable so go watch it.