if only…

work would be soooooo much fun if u were there min suk-ssi ..teasing me and all


high school king


VIXX has released posters of each member for its upcoming 1st concert. The members all look sexy and manly.

VIXX released the posters on its official fan site on June 22 for its concert ‘VIXX LIVE FANTASIA [HEX SIGN]’.

The members in the released posters all look chic and manly wearing black shirts. They take different posts and look at the camera.

The posters look dramatic as they look charismatic with fierce eyes and sexy with their muscular bodies, showing off great silhouettes of the shirts. The posters will attract not only women but also men.

The fans have been curious about its first concert ‘VIXX LIVE FANTASIA [HEX SIGN]‘ as the teaser images released so far only show mysterious six angle stars.

The expectations for the concert are growing as the posters of VIXX members have been released.

VIXX’s first concert ‘VIXX LIVE FANTASIA [HEX SIGN]‘ will be held in the Olympic Hall at Olympic Park for 3 days from July 18 to 20.


been having some miserable days for the past week

but today was the worst ;_;

i woke up late to work (not that they will notice or care -_-)

so i was in a hurry !!!…my mom started to talk to me and i`m not a morning person so ..i was going to kill my self cuz she kept talking non stop and i`m like (stop talking and looking at me onigiiii T_T)

then my father insisted that he walk me to work and i refused cuz he`s ill but i refused in my morning persona so it was kind of awful (_ _)

arrived at work start checking the monthly paychecks(we didn`t have those for 2 months now)

and i saw my paycheck was not the right number …WTF!

why did they cut that much from it ???

since no one knew i checked them up…i didn`t say anything or complain ..maybe it was a mistake..talking to my self 😦

the cook took off cuz she hated the way the treated her and she found another place (cleaver)

so they asked me to prepare some tea..ok..that`s easy

the kitchen was like a shitty barn!!!! WHAT ON EARTH :O

nothing is clean..absolutely nothing ..i start washing whatever i can and cursing them with passion -_-

they drank the damn tea and then asked me for more help preparing lunch for the workers

now..in Iraq..all of what i`m saying can not happen to a girl like me cuz it`s not my job and no real man would make me do it

but all the men in my work are not even men Q_Q

i prepared the food with one of the workers and no one said thanks….WHATEVER!

i was soooooo tired ..then my sister text me telling me there is no internet service over and over

i told her to fuck off cuz i don`t have time for her and her complains

arrived home pissed off and tired ..then my mom start talking…really mom..i`m tired shitttttt ;_;

she told me why Dad insisted to walk me to work in the morning…he had a dream about me being dead !

he woke up crying…

i started to cry when i heard this..i hated my self for being mean today

i hate my luck…why bad things happen when i`m having PMS T_____T