hated my self today..A LOT!

been having some miserable days for the past week

but today was the worst ;_;

i woke up late to work (not that they will notice or care -_-)

so i was in a hurry !!!…my mom started to talk to me and i`m not a morning person so ..i was going to kill my self cuz she kept talking non stop and i`m like (stop talking and looking at me onigiiii T_T)

then my father insisted that he walk me to work and i refused cuz he`s ill but i refused in my morning persona so it was kind of awful (_ _)

arrived at work start checking the monthly paychecks(we didn`t have those for 2 months now)

and i saw my paycheck was not the right number …WTF!

why did they cut that much from it ???

since no one knew i checked them up…i didn`t say anything or complain ..maybe it was a mistake..talking to my self 😦

the cook took off cuz she hated the way the treated her and she found another place (cleaver)

so they asked me to prepare some tea..ok..that`s easy

the kitchen was like a shitty barn!!!! WHAT ON EARTH :O

nothing is clean..absolutely nothing ..i start washing whatever i can and cursing them with passion -_-

they drank the damn tea and then asked me for more help preparing lunch for the workers

now..in Iraq..all of what i`m saying can not happen to a girl like me cuz it`s not my job and no real man would make me do it

but all the men in my work are not even men Q_Q

i prepared the food with one of the workers and no one said thanks….WHATEVER!

i was soooooo tired ..then my sister text me telling me there is no internet service over and over

i told her to fuck off cuz i don`t have time for her and her complains

arrived home pissed off and tired ..then my mom start talking…really mom..i`m tired shitttttt ;_;

she told me why Dad insisted to walk me to work in the morning…he had a dream about me being dead !

he woke up crying…

i started to cry when i heard this..i hated my self for being mean today

i hate my luck…why bad things happen when i`m having PMS T_____T


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