k-drama: high school king..what is happening to me Q_Q

from the first time i saw Seo in guk i just loved him unconditionally…it was in (love rain) the drama sucked and he didn`t have much lines and was chubby but he had the (it) factor that made my kokoro goes doki doki all the time ❤
anyway .. that dude career bloomed in (reply 1997) one of the best dramas i`ve ever seen
his acting and character were 10/10 ..the drama ended and left me wanting more from the drama and In guk..
saw him again in (my master`s sun)…no comments on THAT drama also one of the best
his character was kind of cold and strict and somewhere adorable >_<..again..left me wanting more
now he returns with (high school king)..man oh man..this one i can`t handle alone
the last episode i saw last week was epi 8 …dear lawwwwwwwwwwwd ..what was that ?!

why do they start such a start that made me just laugh like an idiot, and then make it so serious that made me cry like an idiot,  then smack my head to a wall with so many little twists that made me cry my brains and heart out in pain cursing my luck all nigh and day(didn`t sleep) feeling  suffocated !! all of that bcuz i want what happened in epi 8 to happen to me even if it`s by accident ..
why do u do that to me ;_;

this drama maybe the only drama that i watch every episode twice ! that`s how unique it is
that triangle of love is so sad and complicated ,the lead actress is so stupid u have no idea 
lee soo hyuk`s character will fool u time after time (can`t say why..it`s a spoiler 😉 )
and Seo in guk`s character is so adorckable and funny that`s makes me wanna go to Korea right now to give him a big hug and never let gooooooo


the  damage of this drama that will do to my soul will never fade even after it ends (don`t wanna think about it!)
my heart aches when i think that i can`t have someone like In guk..or his character in my shitty life T__T


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