kuroshitsuji: live action movie..what went wrong ?

i can`t say everrrrrrrrry one was excited for this movie but hell ya i was
 hiro mizushima as the demon butler sebastian michaelis ! one of my favorite Jap actors and one of my ALL time favorite anime characters, this explosive mix in a movie ? why can`t i be excited ..ha ?
the movie came with a different story but with a lil glimpse of the original, different time yet the same CSI kind of puzzles
but what went wrong?
the movie is 2 hours long…in first 30 minutes i was like
and when the movie ended i…
what was that? is that it? did i miss somethin ?
i was so maaaaaaaaaaaad and still..the movie didn`t live up to my expectations *facepalm*
i bet that Yana toboso wanted to kill herself after what she saw..i almost did << lair
anyway, when u watch it don`t think (animation) and just think of it like a plagiarism or smthin..peace out (-_-)v


*note: i can be a little harsh when i`m disappointed >.>


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