this is what`s like and no one dares to say it..

long a go i saw a jap anime movie called (The sky crawlers)
the story is set in a time although the world is at peace, in order to ease the tension of a populace accustomed to war and aggression, private corporations contract fighter pilots to engage in actual combat operations against each other..
there is no actual war ..they make it look like one so that the people will be afraid all the time and trust them all the time`s all a big fat LIE
now..this is exactly what is happening here in the middle order to make the bad ,the greedy,the immorally people run these countries with an iron fist they make an imaginary enemy ..the tell the people they r going to fight them..and they gonna win ..all they need is more money and time to do it..while they still rule those poor people..
we have some peace for a while and then it all goes back to the dark again..and so on ..
why can`t anyone say it out loud:” we know the truth..we know the lies ” without being killed ?
till when are we gonna keep playing pretend ..i`m sick of it..and there is no cure .

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