high school king ep 10…talk about tension

it`s been known in asian dramas that when 2 lovers reach the peak of happiness then the next episode ALLLLLL of it will be torn down in so many ugly ways or maybe just one stupid way
this episode made me stand on my toes ..to much tension ..i forgot to breath for 10 minutes or 20

couldn`t blink bcuz a lot was going on here and there
i was yelling at soo young- ssi : do go there..don`t do that..get the fuck out of there!!..and she did what i said …can she hear me? #psychic >.>
and to make things worse..they didn`t give me a preview for the next episode …

this week will be a week from hell..i`ll just spend it thinking about what tragedy will happen next *sobs* my poor brain..

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