still..i can not love another ..

whenever i talk to one of my dearest girlfriends about how many actors we fangirl and spazz about
we come to conclusion that we will never meet him or have the chance to tell him how much we stalk..i mean love him and wanna marry him today before tomorrow, my friend ends up telling me that she will marry me instead and i will tell her: gurrrl.. stop making it gay Lol
she and i have a major crush on Lee pace for yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs now
she would tell me that i`m so short that he won`t be able to see me and will just walk by not noticing me ,she`s so tall so she have a much bigger chance..

she told me that now he have a girlfriend and all our dreams won`t come true 😦

so again..she end up proposing to me
my friend : now it`s only u and me…now will u marry me ?
me: i can`t.. my heart is not mine i`m sorry
my friend : damn u! u embarrassed me XD..but tell me who`s the guy ?
me: his name is laguna loire..Google him
my friend : k
after few seconds…
my friend : -____- he`s not real..
me: yap…that what makes thing even worse o(╥﹏╥)o
my friend: love him all u want..he will not break your heart
me: EXACTLY!!!  *sobs*




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