high school king ep 13 & 14 .. look what have u done T~T

ep 13 :
ommmmaaa yaaa..it`s full from the start with so many lovely moments
from the one between the sisters and the one between the dorky team XD
and of-course those pervy ” i didn`t mean to do that”  moments between u know who
this epi will give u energy and motivation to do what u can not do or stopped doing
those kdramas always gave such moments ❤
but wait..did that episode make u feel all that and forgot to make u feel nervous ? the end should take care of it 🙂

ep14 :
the secret is out! oh well it will happen sooner or later
i though that i will make me feel anxious all the way in this epi but what is that ?
i keep laughing non stop , misunderstood situations and funny reactions were the main theme

heart smashing , feels crashing moments were also there T^T the bad ones that is..

i felt that this is not gonna get any better ..i was wrong..the ending gave me one hella of jaw dropping SHOCK !
can not believe few episodes and then..sayonaraa~ T___T



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