high school king ep 15 & 16 ..can u do this ?

ep 15 :
i was sooo looking forward for this epi..lots of things will happen u can`t even blink..(u soooo can )
now what will happen for the brothers ? is there a plan? what kind of plan ?
everybody is excited and some r not
couple of goofy moments here and there..lucky haraboji..kissing min-seokaaa~ so cute ><

#canIGiveUOne2 ?

..and then BAAAM!
did u have to do that hyung ? and now u have done it r u happy !
the drama is called drama for a reason so… here comes the boo hooooooo
i hate 3 things in the world:
1-my nose
2- my bosses
3- seeing Seo in guk crying 😥
even when he smiled.. it looked so painful

ep 16 :
everything is a mess…that what i thought but it`s not
the mess was organized in no time..everything is solved ..and some careers ended really quick  and some have began
lots of father-son moment that warmth the heart yet.. what is wrong with this epi?
again seeing In guk crying

this epi was boring cuz the drama will be extended for 2 more and that what happens when Koreans extend a drama -_- they bore the hell out of US!!
some cute moments were there i give u that …and the unnecessary ones too -_-
ummm.can`t say more..cuz there isn`t much..it was a filler..sorry
memorable line : thank you very kamsa! XD


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