high school king ep 17 final…i don`t wanna believe it.. spoilers alert!

i took a really.. really.. REALLY deep breath before i watch this episode
first i had a case of the blues cuz i thought there will be 2 episodes and then discovered it was a lie..it`s just one with a special episode on the side ..i`m not satisfied ..
following the last filler..sad faces were every where u look..for a few moments
Min-seok crying again with his pop-sis
(if only i can reach your face T__T)
and the thing is while i was crying along with them i couldn`t hold the laughter no more
they were crying and still ate their ice cream X’D
talk about dorky.. >_<
then crazy things began to happen one after the other
i held my breath now..will it happen..no one is gonna be in their way?
a very classic mother -daughter moments were their i love it..it`s real
mother daughter funny moments
(it`s like my mother talking XD)
so now…the way is clear..go both do what u wanna do in the name of sarang~
i said somthing and then soo-hyuk said it after me : it`s just like them (is that what u call it fate oopa?)
3 years go by (lines i hate a lot in k-dramas)
peri peri koperi is in college now!..still with pop-sis >< still loving each other
u got to see a Déjà vu ..a very cute one with so many lovely moments my heart exploded !!
and soo-young last words hit me real hard..

*why can`t i have this in my life…waeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

the end T___T
let me say somthing about this drama..:
what i loved about it is it was so funny..so light so cute u have no idea
my feels were all in in it
it kept me thinking all the time about what will happen next..it`s not boring
they kept the soo-young shabby look till the end..they didn`t change her ❤ nor change her persona
lots of ships where in this drama..loved them all
 Deok-Hwan &Tae-Seok  ship


couldn`t get enough from those 2

and of course those lads ❤

(and my god i`ll go down with those ships)
i will forgive the corny ending cuz i LOVED this drama and all the cast
TvN never failed me

will miss u all… specially those dorky couple…going to cry my eyes out.my heart hurts a lot..thanks for all the awesome time u gave me T^T.

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