the fault in our stars..reasons u should NOT watch this movie

i know this is not an Asian movie\drama but i have to address it, it and talk about it
the reason that i love Asian dramas so much is that they awake all the Feels that were buried inside this forgotten hell hole aka= my heart
so after watchin so many..i now have no control over my tears,my body and my voice..and i love it!
now i can finally display emotions towards any thing or any one…even a Hollywood movie…yeah..IKR
if people ask me: how many Hollywood movies u like i would count them in a sec cuz they r like 5 or so..
and now i can tell them..they became 6..or somthin more..
not let`s talk about this movie: the fault in our stars
it seemed like a typical story of sick kids who fall in love and then a tragedy happens to one of them..nothing to cry about..right..i mean u know this was coming
i was soooooooooooooo wrong man..
the more i watch from it..the more i hug myself cuz i don`t want to cry
and then i couldn`t take it..i burst into tears ..never saw my self crying like this on a movie before..not even an Asian one..

those last 15 minutes were so cruel i wanted to stop breathing i hated life so much that moment
why? cuz what i saw felt so real,so sad..
so if u have depression or hate life for no reason or just a happy person
do NOT watch this movie..
but once again..u will lose the chance to meet the most lovable poor couple in movie history.



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