It’s Ok, This is Love drama preview…is it really Ok ?

spoilers alert -_-
to start with, some of u was so hype to watch this drama because of three or more reasons
I’ll name the three main reasons:
Jo in sung, D.O, and Lee Kwang-Soo
 admit it ^^
as for me..i was hoping to see more of Jo in sung acting cause i know he can do better than what he did in ”that winter the wind blows” and that drama blows alright
friends urged me to watch it because of the interesting plot!
there is this house that is filled with crazy funny ppl…well count me IN!
from minute 1 i was hooked ..cause one can’t simply resist In sung’s looks O_O
wait..why is he been stabbed again…in a different drama…is this a sequel for his last -_-
naaah it’s not thank G
the story goes on and on..i kind of figure it out in the second episode..but kept lying to myself…it can’t be..kangwoo is real..
please be real !!!!
don’t u hate it when u r right ? i do T^T
so now author jang is hallucinating ..why now..he had an awful childhood why start now ?
this is getting more interesting because this may appear as a medical drama but it’s not
beside author jang’s condition and the others the drama present more patients and more stories at the beginning..i liked it!
and then it was allllllllllll about the main characters..which is also OK..we need to focus on them
i reached the point when i felt like i’ll hate my self again..because i was right again
i figured it out ..the whole story is not an original sadly
i knew i have seen this some where…in a movie called (a beautiful mind)
not all the details of curse but the hallucinations part…and some small things here and there
now..this is not OK for me -_-
why can’t u drama writers write some thing with it’s own details ? why take it from others?
anyyyyyyyway…even that didn’t entirely piss me off..i kept watching
i felt like my soul is gonna come out dragging my heart with it as i cry trying not to cry on most of the scene specially in the last 3 episodes 😦

the ending was good..not epic but good and normal ..esh for a k-drama .
everyone is happy and cured and married and having babies #blah blah blah
i give this drama 7.5 out of 10 it’s good but not great
i liked it it was not boring and it had the most beautiful OST collection of all time
don’t miss it and put it on your list 😉

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