final fantasy X : game preview and what it did to me ;_;

I have been playing this game for 7 months or so because this how you play a ff game..u spend half your life on it
I was so exited for it cause I loved 8 & 9 (still) so much and I was so eager to know a new story, one that every one is talking about how sad and beautiful it is beside everything else
At first I didn’t like Tidus that much and really hated Yuna, Lulu was my favorite badass cool char. Beside sir Auron ( I have to have a favorite for some reason don’t judge me)
and we must not forget mr. abs aka symore ><
The game starts.. i was taken by everything every little detail from the clothes to the spells and aeon summoning it was different from the previous ff games for sure..and I liked it !
As the story goes on you will know what will happen in the end, u will know about the sad fact…you and the characters except for Yuna..
Now I kept playing knowing that sad thing but pretending I don’t even care or what ever they will figure something out it will be happy ending for sure .. kind of..Please TT-TT
I spend most of the time in omega dungeon and with Arena monster dude trying to make weapons and getting stuff to power up the characters that didn’t have celestial weapons..i got bored
Now I have to end this..i shall begin with omega and ultima
WHAT! They were so easy I laughed so hard by killing them in one hit!! what?
My brother gave me hints and I followed them like the mini games and chocobo race and so one (I begged him to tell me)
U know there is these things in FF games that u will NOT figure on your on unless someone tells u or..u cheat by reading FAQ

Nowwwwww I will end this game for good!
From 1 AM to 5:30 AM I played inside sin in the final area..
It was an an easy battle to play, long but easy…until’s time for the ending cut scene ..

Spoilers alert guys*
Oh no…it’s time Tides..please don’t go..
I was trying not to cry but heck..i couldn’t keep it in T^T
That scene when yuna tells him no..and runs to hug him..ARRRRRRRG
And then that back hug…kill me why don’t you…


And of course the one that hit me most is the end sign that u see in every FF game ending
When you play FF game you will learn a lot of things
In this one for sure I learned Patience
And if u want something you have to work real hard for it to get it
You can be friends with anyone no matter who they are
Your dream guy will be a dream T_________T I feel u yuna I really do
This was a good FF game buuuut~ not my favorite FF
I will not be playing this again or the HD remaster
I have a lot of fun and sadness all together ..will miss u FFX
And to the writers of it and characters design.. I really from the bottom of my heart..hate u  -_- .

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