Rurouni Kenshin – Kyoto Inferno 2014 movie review

oro oro oro~

When we remember the anime (samurai X) we remember great, funny and amazing story, so
the Japanese love this anime so freakin much (thank God) that they made a live-action version of it and for THAT I’m so thankful
The first live action movie was so well made in a mind blowing way which made me pray every single day for more ..
i kept wishing for a sequel..this awesomeness can NOT stop here..not in my life
And I don’t know how they heard me but they did…and they made 2 more sequels for it
Now lets talk about (Kyoto inferno) which is the second part
More talented cast starting from Tatsuya Fujiwara
And ending with the breath taking the adorable Ryunosuke Kamiki
Who is starting to look like haruma miura XD I swear he looks like him!
So anyway…lots of battles and lots of people who wants to kill Kenshin poor guy
and if you blink you will miss A lot so drink couple cups of coffee before you watch it
I learned some info that I didn’t know about kenshin in this part
Kenshin sword is not like any you ask? I’ll tell you
Every katana is made have a meaning and a purpose like killing or to stop the killing
Kenshin sword was made to stop the killing and it is unique because it’s a back blade !
So when you see kenshin fighting he is not killing people with it..he will hurt them with the other edge , barely makes a cut but he won’t kill them
This part dose not end…it’s to be continued *sobs*
And to close the Curtain on this part in a great way , put some OOR with the rolling credits

Every one from the cast new and old did an astonishing job they Reincarnate the characters in a scary way (that’s a good thing I mean)
But damn !..i don’t know why Emi Takei was fucking serious I know her character wasn’t -_-
Don’t read this and keep sitting on your ass..go watch it NOW!! .