Healer preview: talk about hot mess

Let me begin by saying..i can not believe I actually finished this drama in one piece
I’m a survivor
This drama made me question myself..: what the hell is wrong with me?
What indeed…
This drama is the first one that I didn’t watch 2 episodes on a roll or made me anxious for it
Noo sir…it’s the other way around
I would watch one and after 4 days or a week I decide to watch the next one..
Why? I will tell you
The amount of the fucking feels and emotions…I could not handle it!!
making such story with such cast and then u want me to stay sane ?
with every look healer give, with every makeover he do, with every name he names him self….BONG SUKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
yes..i almost lost it
biting my hands and sheets and even my pillow didn’t help
no.. I screamed and fangirled all the way sisters
and that is the Healer effect ❤
don’t get me starting on the other cast
the Kim brothers..the pirate friends..the Ajuma ! <<this one was my fav
and of course ..the (some day) news workers
the story was good..it gave me the (bridal mask) feels
although I have to say.. this drama is a mix between batman, superman and the karate kid all mashed up plus the “Korean” touch
lots of moments made cry..
the truth moments,
betrayal moments,
Mom- daughter moments
Father-daughter moments (love it so muuuch)
The : I don’t know what to do moments


and the lovey-dovey moments << my ovaries melted..
and this moment
this drama will leave u feeling dizzy and sad and loving a cheesy OST

I give this drama 9/10 with recommendations to watch it ASAP
One of the good ones ,have a nice heart break u guys T~T .

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