Save me : drama review…The Korean ISIS??

This drama have to have so many alternative names such as:

The Korean ISIS

Dads suck

Stranger things…the Korean version

IT ..the Korean version…u get it now lol

This drama drained me emotionally to the very core, it made me hate religions from any kind and made me hate the bad side in the drama which I rarely do cuz I like them most of the time

But man oh man the bad guys in this one take the prize

They are beyond creepy…I mean look and listen to THIS guy


And every time they say: our wishes will be fulfilled, I believed…UGHHHH it gives me the shiverssssssss

I will talk shortly about this one cuz I don`t wanna remember every detail I really don`t


The cast ,the acting both are amazing but the story have lots of flaws which is a normal thing cuz it`s a Korean drama…nothing makes sense most of the time

Most parts were heart aching and just…sad!!!

Specially ep 3 and I think ep 15 when this happened


Now let’s talk about the most important person in the whole drama….Dong cheolaaaaa ❤

This dude`s name is Woo do hwan

He and his moles stole my heart from the first second I swear

The bromance moments btw him and Han Sang-Hwan swept me awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


I mean srsly KISS ALEARDY!!!

Except this moment when I wanted to kiss him and I wanted him to hug her…this moment needed a hug


In the end the story was legit scary and just the thought of being in that kind of world is a nightmare

Every episode will begin by telling you that this drama..people..story all are fictional which I disagree with ..the kinds of these asshole do exist sadly.

I give it 6/10 and all the marks go to Dong cheol hehe. It was watchable so go watch it.