Violet Evergarden Anime Review: Ever Crying


Let me start by saying, this is an astonishing anime, but, I won’t recommend it even to the people I hate or my enemy’s

Don`t get me wrong now, hear me out >.>

You don’t get to see an anime like this one often, this anime happens every blue moon, just like the movie a silent voice or a studio ghibli movie

Violet evergarden was aired in the beginning of 2018 and I didn`t know about it till now from a friend, and I’m so happy that this kind of masterpiece didn’t go by without me noticing it

How sad it is you may ask?

It`s so sad it will not shatter your soul…no… it will shatter what`s beyond your soul, depressing in every way possible, the main story, the side stories…every bit of it is heart breaking

How can a color make your heart ache?

How can the happy “I love you” make you so sad?

And what really annoyed me the most is knowing that a character is dead or going to die but they don’t make it clear for you, they make you hope every second and watch without blinking just to make sure that you placed your hope in the right place…and then ..with a heartbeat…all gone…

I had to drink so much water just to retrieve the same amount of water that was taken from me by crying…and I drank a LOT!
it felt like I lost someone and I couldn’t do anything about it…just cry it off

That’s why I will not recommend it to anyone…its pitch black sad, I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through

And if the anime didn`t make you cry you brains out…the music will

All the music and lyrics were devastating , can’t listen to it without crying again

This anime gets 10/10 the best in 2018…beside banana fish.


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