Fullmetal alchemist live action movie review: hop on the feel train.

Waiting for this movie felt like waiting for a miracle to happen

The teasers were ok,I was impressed I admit

But I was hellaaaa scared for them cuz ..let’s not forget AOT live action



I mustered the courage to watch FMA…alone…take it from me: don`t watch these kind of movies ALONE!!! U will need someone to hug u and wipe your tears
as expected from the Japanese live action they will try to add new things..and so they did

Watching this face from the very beginning was a direct shot to the kokoro

edward elric liveaction

The cast was amazing but I have a small problem with Winry  ,she suppose to be blond with blue eyes and  Tsubasa Honda was not even close -_-

I struggled ,trying to except  Ryosuke Yamada as Ed (Ed is my crush), and in the end I found him very fitting for the role..Good job dude!

Stretching the dialog in some scenes was so unnecessary and they kept doing it until the movie was 2 hours freaking LONG!!

Bringing those 2 back certainly didn’t help , I was choking T^T

Maes Hughes-horz and nina

How could u do that

They did this in the manga, the 1st anime adaptation, the 2nd anime adaptation and now the movie


In the end I highly recommend this movie and we will see another part hopefully soon, I give it 8/10 enjoy~~~~~.



my problems with some characters…misjudge

there is always this stupid modafuka character who starts evil as hell
cold as frekin Antarctica , emotionless bastard , devious arrogant childish ASS!
that turns out to be the saddest most lovable sexy creature that ever lived…
to those i can only  say

if only i have these options

what I wish to do or say when some woman/ girl :
-ask me why am i not married (-_-)
-wish me to get married( -_-)
-asks me : is that a girl? pointing at an Asian guy (-_-#)
-ask me to like a girl group page (-_-##)
-bashing my anime, dramas and taste of music for no reason just bcuz it`s not my language (-_-)
-ask me to add her sorry ass to my friend list (-_-)
-ask for my number just to make me see her new smart phone (-_-)
-tells me : oooh~ that means that dude likes u (he just said hi) (-_-)