Algernon ni Hanataba wo j-drama review: hug me onigai~

Before I say anything let me first say this…Japanese ROCKS!
In the sea of dramas, movies and games you can see the same stories with the same concepts over and over again it’s dead boring
And the moment Hollywood catches a new thing they keep repeating it and even make remakes of it and I’m waiting here for someone to tell them stop milking it ,but noooo sir..some ppl will pay to watch this shit
And here comes the J-ppl ❤
What I love about them that they will give you a new story and concept or even the same concept with a different story and keep spicing it up ..
And when they say (remake) they don’t do it right a way
They will wait 20 years or more..they wait for the right moment u guys!
Keep that in your mind now cause all of what I said is just an introduction to this amazing drama in the title
This drama is about making the impossible possible
Making a boy with brain handicap smart by giving him special brain surgery a days specially in plant Japan I would say this is something that I see coming
They are making science fiction becoming science fact ( unless they did it already) and delivering it in a drama
It’s something that is normal to see in the near future ,and THAT made me love the story eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeven more..
Without trying to convince me I loved the idea from the start, if anyone else did it
I will not even continue to watch one episode to the very end
Spazzing over Yamapi cuteness and talent made me glue my eyes on the screen
Every moment was brilliant and the cast did a great job from the beginning
The journey will also take you to the dark alleys of science and human behavior
And what extents some ppl will go for their loved ones
When I reached the episode when Sakuto have done the surgery I was waiting anxiously for the results..what will happen..did it work?
Well…not immediately..this is not a cheap drama this is a J-one that will teach you that good things take time
After  40 days after surgery Sakuto is somehow have a normal adult brain but.. he also have the heart of a child/ a teenager
And since this drama is a J-one in this moment it teach us that no matter how old or smart we can get, in the end…we deep down have a child`s heart and emotions
And no matter who we are. we can get hurt so easily matter how much we try not to
As the story goes on…I knew something bad is gonna happen
Up till now u think everyone is having a great time…well think again!
Doctors kept giving meds to sakuto and kept watching every move he makes
So they kept pushing him by giving him special treatment, special teaching and a special place
Until u see that sakuto is no longer the old one…not even a human..he became a robot
One with very bad manners
Well..Science is not all sunshine and rainbows ..There is an ugly side to everything
Didn’t like him…he even forgot how to smile and laugh..
The new modified sakuto even if he smiles it’s just plain smirk..
Give back the old sakuto..everyone even me was asking him: how are u ?
After ep 7 I noticed ,that Asshole satan of a doctor was not making a robot out of was brainwashing him!
Sakuto noticed the real persona of that satan doctor and took action ASAP
He got out of the lab, handed over all their shit and walked like a BOSS
But wait..what about the treatment…he have to get it from there…deshio?
Doctor satan thought that reason will make him stay
Well dude karma is a bitch u know
Cause sakuto can make his own meds now biaaaaaaaaaaatch!
When I reached Ep 8..there was sadly no English subtitles ..but I tried to understand as much as I could
So kids..what is the golden rule in mostly every Asian drama ?
Yap…u guessed say it out loud:
when ever the OTP reach the peak of happiness..the shit will hit the fan .
The Rat (Algernon) is acting weird …he is losing his powers …is he dyeing?
that was the result of the med (ALG)..or a side effect…
if u think u can take a medication these days and not have a side effect then u r stupid
the miracle drug is failing on the rat…then what about Sakuto !!!
well DUH! He is having some weird hallucinations about his father beside headaches
and above all that…the rat died …
Dr. Satan now is a good guy? What about the poor rich girl? Will she ever come out from that coma ?
If (ALG) is failing…then we should make a new improved one
Sakuto helped them with whatever intelligence he have left in him and struggling with it
The new med is here, now heal the rich girl
Sakuto knew he is losing it, so he wrote theses heartbreaking letters to all his friends and family ..his father spirit helped him TT_TT
The clock stopped…
It’s over..
The rich girl is healed…the med worked…and the old sakuto is back
Here I had mixed emotions ..i wanted the old persona back…but why am I sad?
Everyone wanted him back..the kind cute loving sakuto ,but the damage of the new persona done great deal on all. the good and the bad
This J-drama is one of the good ones ,Yamashita-san never ceases to amaze me.

That DOTS moment when…

that awful moment when u ask your self...: why did your fav OTP have to go through this and why i don’t have enough tissues in my room anymore T-T

descendants from the sun

Healer preview: talk about hot mess

Let me begin by saying..i can not believe I actually finished this drama in one piece
I’m a survivor
This drama made me question myself..: what the hell is wrong with me?
What indeed…
This drama is the first one that I didn’t watch 2 episodes on a roll or made me anxious for it
Noo sir…it’s the other way around
I would watch one and after 4 days or a week I decide to watch the next one..
Why? I will tell you
The amount of the fucking feels and emotions…I could not handle it!!
making such story with such cast and then u want me to stay sane ?
with every look healer give, with every makeover he do, with every name he names him self….BONG SUKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
yes..i almost lost it
biting my hands and sheets and even my pillow didn’t help
no.. I screamed and fangirled all the way sisters
and that is the Healer effect ❤
don’t get me starting on the other cast
the Kim brothers..the pirate friends..the Ajuma ! <<this one was my fav
and of course ..the (some day) news workers
the story was gave me the (bridal mask) feels
although I have to say.. this drama is a mix between batman, superman and the karate kid all mashed up plus the “Korean” touch
lots of moments made cry..
the truth moments,
betrayal moments,
Mom- daughter moments
Father-daughter moments (love it so muuuch)
The : I don’t know what to do moments


and the lovey-dovey moments << my ovaries melted..
and this moment
this drama will leave u feeling dizzy and sad and loving a cheesy OST

I give this drama 9/10 with recommendations to watch it ASAP
One of the good ones ,have a nice heart break u guys T~T .

Healer…Hell yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

So here I am looking for a new story that will blow my head off and sweep me off my feet with it’s Events and cast and OST’s…
My friends recommended : Healer
After 7 months or so from not watching any Drama I was really thirsty for them 😦
After watching the 1st Epi…I was hooked !
Loved about everything…the actress not that much but her character
Then…after the 3rd epi.. it felt like I’m watching : Superman .. -_-
Even one of the characters said it to the lead (healer) : u r like superman…
But who cares at this point I can’t leave dramas need me as much as I need them.