J-drama review : boku unmei no hito desu…AKA : THIS DRAMA IS YOUR DESTINY !

The moment I saw the teaser of this drama I went ASDFGHJKL!!!!

It`s got the best Japanese due of all time, And they are back again!

Yamapi and kame ❤

this review will have some spoilers so if u watched the drama…yokosooo

If u didn`t..what the hell ?

Anyway i`m gonna put some spoilers so cuz me

But before that I recommend if u want to watch it then watch it to the very end of the episode cuz the ending song changes the ending every time ^^

Ep1: the meeting


In it all will meet all

Yamapi is a mysterious dude who appears in a super natural way and wants to convince kame (Makoto) to go and catch his destiny (the girl Haruko) before it`s too late

And when I say too late it means if he missed his chance with her the world will end

I know LOOOOOOOOOOL that`s why I love j-drama

It turns out they work at the same place yet different companies but their desks are back to back!

Only a wall separate them. Literally

Haruko met him when they were little and they went to the same high school (I think) and now. This!

So yamapi is trying to ease the way to Makoto so he could meet and marry her..yap marry her AND HAVE A BABY LOOOOOOL I can`t …

Makoto works in a water company so he made his way to see Haruko through his job! Clever

Lots of funny stuff happens can`t name them all

At the end of this episode the rival appears !

The mr.  handsome and charming Sadaoka

And he loves her waaaaaaaaaaay back…now what will happen?

Ep2 nothing is right in my way

Makoto now sees his rival and Yamapi doesn’t make it easy on Makoto to deal with the new situation

He do give him some Tips here and there but most of them just to troll Makoto around…some very little worked

Makoto is now in the deep, he don`t want the world to end bcuz of him! He have to make a move now ASAP!

destiny is on his side!

He met her father without knowing that he`s her father and they both became real close to the point that Haruko`s father want the water product installed in his house so Makoto gave him his card

But Haruko finds the card and confront Makoto

Now…I feel the girl. .if I was her and I don`t wanna get married this badly ..i would say that Makoto is a creepy stalker

So Makoto tells her that he didn`t know that the man was her father

And what bothers me is he just keep apologizing ughhhhhh!!

Yamapi now gives him another advice.. go get them greens= money

Bcuz if he`s rich she will never say no

So he worked hard,day after day to get it

But his co-workers and boss are bunch of assholes that used his money to eat dinner -_- WTF

And he wanted that money so badly to buy a b-day gift for Haruko but in the end he bought her an umbrella that she didn`t take ..again WTF!!

But that moment was sooooo adorable

Ep3 rival!

Handsome dude will marry Haruko !!


Yamapi what were u doing all this time? oh …yap..cooking

Is that how u help Makoto?

Now for another advice : memories 100 classic ,names and composers

Why? Makoto asks

And as always yamapi gives him this useless answer

But poor Makoto while he was memorizing.. he saw Mr. handsome propose to her. .and she was all smiles L

He knew that will happen cuz Sadaoka told him he was gonna propose

Now Makoto is all sad…sitting alone poor thing  When 2 kids asked him to play with them some baseball

And then Haruko appears ! he congratulate her..but she said that she turned Sadaoka`s offer down

So Makoto thinks that he`s back in the game

And try again with her

Told her to look at the score board bcuz it has the first 3 numbers of his cellphone

Isn`t that destiny ?

Asked her to call him if he completed the score cuz on the board his full number will be written if he played right

So she went back at night and called the number…IT WAS MAKOTO`SSSSS

At that moment I was flying with happiness like Makoto

And they talked a little

Ep4 carrots ?

What the fuck gain?

I though that Haruko was fine with everything now

But that bitch turned Makoto again and not face to face not even through the phone but through her best friend -_- Yotsuya

Yotsuya told them (including Sadaoka) that she didn`t want any of this and that she is sorry and some blah blah blah

Makoto told her that he will never give up on her!

Now…this part broke my heart..when he went back home

And found yamapi dressed as a maid…funny af

Of Corse pi-chan knew everything and tried to give him more advices and comfort

Told him to call her and tell her that he is giving up just like her

Haruko`s parents are very concerned about her then she said something that I personally relate to


Now…something really clever involving carrots happened

Carrots u say ? yap

Makoto`s boss hates carrot, so pi-chan told Makoto to make his boss eat them

Makoto told him that made no sense but he will try

And he did in many different ways

The secret of the carrots is now reveled ! which shocked me

Before the episode end Makoto went to a carrot farmer that told him :

He didn`t worked in the farm bcuz he liked carrots nor disliked them he just inherited the business

But at the end he grew to like his job and the farm and the carrots

Now Makoto`s boss told him that he hated the carrots but didn`t know why , then discovered that he didn`t ever give himself the chance to like them or try them

Both Makoto and Haruko worked late that day and for some reason she called Makoto

He told her that (now I really loved this) told her don`t hate anything till u try it

But at less tell me…do u hate me…or not hate

(What I loved about this phrase is he didn`t tell her do u hate me or like me)

She said no I don`t hate u,but still doesn’t mean I love u

He told her that he will love her and give it 100% T____T again loved this so freakin much

That epi made so happy~

Ep5 a date!

As u know now Haruko looooove sumo wrestling

So Makoto took her to a restaurant related to sumo and sumo wrestler She spotted her favor wrestler and starts fangirling

That! Gave Makoto an idea which later pi-chan helped him with it

It was…arm wrestling and winning …over Haruko`s favorite wrestler

Dumbass idea…IKR

Anyway Makoto as always said yes but who will train him?

Pi-chan again…suggested something out of the ordinary…

His trainer will be non other than ….*drum roll please*

Sadaoka !

So the dude didn`t say no and in the end helped him and was really a good guy

At this moment I realized something…maybe too late but I realize it

Every advice pi-chan gives to Makoto will in the end work but in a mysterious way >.>
this was no exception

Makoto took Haruko to the wrestler retirement party in a fancy hotel where they participated and had the arm wrestling event

Makoto vs a sumo wrestler…who will win?

Makoto lost XD of course he will lose

That was funny XD poor Makoto

But his training didn`t go to waste

At the end of the episode Makoto saved Haru from getting hit by a car and while doing that they accidently …chu~

Adorable moment again ><

She tried to catch a can from a wedding car and on that can there was a msg for both of them

So Makoto tried to tell her that was destiny yet again but when he tried to ask her out again she told him to give her some time and insist on it (damn this girl…I relate so much to her )

Makoto is a great dude…he smiled and said ok J

In the middle of this epi there was a moment btw Haru and her friend

Her friend told her: if someone tried to hold your hand hold it back and live your life,try,why not! It may work

Loved that line ^^

Ep 6 the 3 syllables

Now yamapi is not giving advices he`s just messing around and giving Makoto challenges

If Haruko said anything to Makoto he have to respond with just 3 words

If that was me I will go insane!!!

But Makoto did it anyway…he have to

And offffcourse this has a meaning in the end!

So little problem lead to a big problem that made Haruko go to Makoto`s house cuz she thought he is cheating

But in the end there was an argue that ended with the words: I like u

3 words!

And both said it kyaaaaaaaaaaa~~~

It turned out that she met Makoto 2 years ago when she was dumped by her boyfriend that was already married and she remembered Makoto from his shirt that said : when it rains…it pours

Even this saying meant something in the end and the way the director combined the elements of the rain and the football match and the cute moment btw the 2 made me sqweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Ep7 the ring and the asparagus?

This episode cuteness level is up the roof!

My favorite… So far

Pi-chan tells Makoto he have to marry Haruko in one month

And that he was stupid to give her the umbrella so now he have to get her a proper b-day gift..and it has to be ..a ring!

Makoto does not know her finger size…dilemma ha?

Now here comes the asparagus role!

Sadaoka is a pro in knowing the size of all things finger like shaped so he helped Makoto by training him to figure out the finger size by using non other that…asparagus

(Sadaoka to the rescue ~)

Then there have to be a plan in how Makoto will give the ring to her

It have to be perrrrfect and not cheesy

They went to the cinema …the karaoke bar..and he could not put the ring on despite all the chances that were there

In the end …they went bowling and there it happened T^T

It was soooo sweet and soooo honest I fangirled soooo hard when I saw it

But when they were walking and they held hands



I screamed …best moment ever!!!

This episode was cheesy but a good kind of chees ..an expensive one LOL 

Ep8 oto-san…nandi!!

This episode will make u mad

I freakin don`t like Makoto`s co-workers already and now they are making more and more problems to him

Haruko`s dad also got angry for no fucking reason

So what if Makoto almost dated a criminal…almost! And he didn`t know it

I`m sooo frustrated with this situation it makes no sense

Pi-chan and sadaoka to the rescue…again

They told him to get help from Haruko`s best friend ..and he did

She told him to play golf and in that way Haruko`s dad will like him cuz he`s doing the thing he love and this will bring them close

So poor Makoto again went and learned golf and all

And it helped him BIG time!

Ep9 the revealing

Now we`ll get to know the truth about all of this

I was thinking this was really early to do just yet…it`s freakin ep9 why not do it in ep10 ?


Makoto and Haru decided that they should take their relationship to the next level

Since Haru`s father now likes Makoto ,there is nothing to be afraid of anymore…why the wait !

They agreed to go to a spa..i think it`s a spa

Anyway ,it`s a place to relax and let go and have fun

pi-chan in this episode will reveal his true identity …

I was shocked and till this moment didn`t want to accept it

He told Makoto that…he was his…son!

He told him that after asking him: what do u want to name your child ?

And then introduced himself as Ichiro Makoto…Makoto`s future son

Nononononononono I don`t believe it

Me and Makoto thought that was another prank

So Makoto just went with it and said waaaevaaa

Pi-chan gives his last riddle : drain the water and read what is there

Makoto did drain the water from the spa but found …nothing -_-

Return to the room and Haru was there, they sat and talked a little and all of the sudden they felt hungry cuz they kept talking about food

they shared ramen …I think and when Makoto drain and ate it with Haru..he found some words in the bottom of the plate !

Can`t remember what it was but something about together for ever

So in that night Makoto and Haru took their relationship to the next level…if you know what I mean

Before Makoto leave he told pi-chan that if that was the  final mission then he doesn’t want to see him ever again..

Pi-chan smiled in a hurtful way …broke my kokoro..

So when Makoto return he didn`t find him but fond a massage in the bathroom

He read it…and cried a lot…so did i…

But when he woke up the next morning he forgot pi-chan ever existed L

Ep10 not yet goodbye..

After Makoto wakes up he go on his day very normal and all traces of Ichiro is gone!

But…only for him

Some people who met Ichiro still remember him except for Makoto

Haru is having lunch with her friend who kept teasing her by saying: u have changed after u did it LOL that made me LMAO

Makoto is having some friends over and one of them is his boss who always gives him advices about things like how to buy the perfect ring that looks like a hamburger  …figure of speech…gotta love that boss

Makoto goes this time to buy the wedding ring! It`s now or never

Couple of things delay him but in the end it all works out for him

Haru calls to tell him that she will be traveling bcuz of work and her friend will be with her

Makoto thinks that bad things are happening to him L and against him

Pi-chan appear again! Drinks with sadaoka and tell him not to remind Makoto of him and that they will see each other again..in 30 years

I loved the shirt that pi-chan was wearing it said: God loves me

Sadaoka meets Makoto to tell him that he will propose ! and ask him to come with him to meet Haru as well

But damn storm happened and Makoto couldn’t go

Sadaoka proposed and it was a very lovely and funny scene


Makoto return to the jewelry shop that was shut and lucky for him he finds his ring and a bonus! 2 tickets to a concert

He thought that would be the perfect place to propose…I though so 2

After the performance ended and all the audience gave a standing ovation ..Makoto felt that this is his chance and propose !!!

It felt like all the people were clapping for him and them~

Awwwwwwwwww again one of my fav moments

I give this drama 10/10

It was and will be in my favorite list, worth watching and will change your mood from sad to awesome!