Shopping king louie , Moon lovers and Goblin drama review

Long time did not do one of these… 
So I have to begin with  shopping king  for these reasons…:
I was so wrong about it and judged it from just the first 2 episodes
That’s it >.>



Any way~

Shopping king louie :

The first 2 episodes made me stop everything and hate the drama bcuz every damn Korean thing happened in it from the start it was annoying and boring and I couldn’t take it so I dropped it…my time is precious
Buuut then I was really bored and have nothing to watch so my friends were like : watch it it’s very cute
And my man Seo in guk is the main reason I watched it in the first place so I gave it another chance
Started ep 3 and then 4 and then I was hooked
Every one was super cute,nothing is annoying anymore
Silly things here and there but it made things fun and watchable
Kept watching and figured what annoyed me made sense for the drama so they had to but these accidents there
Final words: don’t u dare hate anyone in it even the villains love them with all you’ve got
I give it 8/10

Moon lovers: scarlet heart reyo :

This one is bombed it will kill u
Have u seen the cast…have u ?



i really don’t like IU that much but damnnnn she did great job in this drama ,surprised me I swear
but enough , back to the hottezzzz
like any Korean drama , start off awesome and then get fucked up
this was no exception …sadly
the cast and the story were suburb , based on an actual events and they made a few adjustment here and there
non the less
as I was watching with friends I named Lee Joon-Gi the sexy black sheep bcuz reasons ❤ come on who can resist a scar and a long black hair with marshal art skills and a sword ???



and that damn Kang Ha-Neul character kept teasing me sooo I fell for him…hang me why don’t ya
the only guy that we all hate his presence was Yoon Sun-Woo.. I mean…why r u here? Srsly
but they did a good job giving him the bad guy persona bcuz from the very start no one loved him…till the very end…even thinking about it makes me hate him even more..make no sense I’m sorry
annnnnnnnnnny way
the female cast…specially the mother the queen and the that bitch of a sister ,i mean…give them an oscaaaar!!!
I can go on and on about this drama but let me tell ya..
The last 3 episodes sucked for me…they run out of ideas …can’t do nothing about those Koreans….
The OST tracks however were awesome and made me cry
All in all …good drama
I give it 7/10 I can give less cuz lots of ppl died and lots of schemes my brain could not handle it T~T

Goblin: the fellowship of the ring :

Haha I know that’s not the real name but u watched it so u get what I mean XD
This one…sigh
I had to take time thinking what to write about it bcuz this one did a great number on me
It …did things ok T___T



The story: it was new to me
A grim reaper and a Goblin? Sign me in!
And the cast…guys…R U KIDDING ME!!
My all time love interest and husband to be Gong yoo and Lee Dong-Wook
As for the female cast I don’t pay too much attention but I was amazed specially the lead actress Kim Go-Eun  
It was my first time watching something for her and OHH MYYYY she was so awesome and adorable and cute and talented  
She made me love the character ..the female character which I rarely do …I’m here to root for the dudes obviously
As the story unfolds I couldn’t even blink!!!!
Too much happening here and there is not a moment to rest or feel safe for them…or for my feelings T^T
What surprise me even more is…the writer.. she wrote bunch of garbage shitty dramas for the last years so I was afraid ..i didn’t want to be disappointed
This drama has this clever way of putting the characters in a wired triangles
Love triangle…friendship triangle…family…and so on
I wanna talk so much about it but I will leave the rest to u to discover
Now..the OST tracks …..breath in…breath out….AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
All…..ALLLLLLLLLL of them r amazing…and spot on
Although I have to say…the ending….didn’t workout for me…na-uh
It’s a common K-drama thing..when it starts good…it ends BS
As for the crying part: it wrecked me real good
My eyes the next day ..i can use them to float…yap that bad
I give this one 9.5/10
With this shitty ending I can not give it full 10…meaaaan >.>

final fantasy X : game preview and what it did to me ;_;

I have been playing this game for 7 months or so because this how you play a ff game..u spend half your life on it
I was so exited for it cause I loved 8 & 9 (still) so much and I was so eager to know a new story, one that every one is talking about how sad and beautiful it is beside everything else
At first I didn’t like Tidus that much and really hated Yuna, Lulu was my favorite badass cool char. Beside sir Auron ( I have to have a favorite for some reason don’t judge me)
and we must not forget mr. abs aka symore ><
The game starts.. i was taken by everything every little detail from the clothes to the spells and aeon summoning it was different from the previous ff games for sure..and I liked it !
As the story goes on you will know what will happen in the end, u will know about the sad fact…you and the characters except for Yuna..
Now I kept playing knowing that sad thing but pretending I don’t even care or what ever they will figure something out it will be happy ending for sure .. kind of..Please TT-TT
I spend most of the time in omega dungeon and with Arena monster dude trying to make weapons and getting stuff to power up the characters that didn’t have celestial weapons..i got bored
Now I have to end this..i shall begin with omega and ultima
WHAT! They were so easy I laughed so hard by killing them in one hit!! what?
My brother gave me hints and I followed them like the mini games and chocobo race and so one (I begged him to tell me)
U know there is these things in FF games that u will NOT figure on your on unless someone tells u or..u cheat by reading FAQ

Nowwwwww I will end this game for good!
From 1 AM to 5:30 AM I played inside sin in the final area..
It was an an easy battle to play, long but easy…until’s time for the ending cut scene ..

Spoilers alert guys*
Oh no…it’s time Tides..please don’t go..
I was trying not to cry but heck..i couldn’t keep it in T^T
That scene when yuna tells him no..and runs to hug him..ARRRRRRRG
And then that back hug…kill me why don’t you…


And of course the one that hit me most is the end sign that u see in every FF game ending
When you play FF game you will learn a lot of things
In this one for sure I learned Patience
And if u want something you have to work real hard for it to get it
You can be friends with anyone no matter who they are
Your dream guy will be a dream T_________T I feel u yuna I really do
This was a good FF game buuuut~ not my favorite FF
I will not be playing this again or the HD remaster
I have a lot of fun and sadness all together ..will miss u FFX
And to the writers of it and characters design.. I really from the bottom of my heart..hate u  -_- .